Why We Chose Click Funnels Over Leadpages and You Should Too

Ok, the secret that lies below in this post is that conversion rate matters more than traffic. And that the ‘offer’ is key to conversions. PLUS getting more dollars out of each customer is critical to making paid advertising work.

Now that you know the end of the story take a few minutes to find out the ‘how to’. Read on…

We started lead generation on the internet back when Google Adwords first started in the year 2000. In fact, we were doing lead gen even before Adwords existed. It was tough and we have to admit that Google Adwords was a blessing back then at the beginning.

It was so easy to just create a simple HTML landing page and throw some money on an ad and like magic you had leads pouring in! And to make it even better those leads were very cheap to get! Instant success made you think it could last forever right?

Well, not right. Over time as more and more advertisers came on to the platform the costs to advertise naturally went up. And then Google started making more and more rules making it harder to even run ads. Landing pages had to meet a ‘quality score’ level and much more.

As time went by one of the things you had to do was create better and better landing pages to get positive results. But creating your own landing pages for lead generation or even product sales was time consuming and hit and miss. Just like now, you never knew what would work and what would not work as far as content and design.

Some years ago we came across software called LeadPages. Wow! LeadPages actually made creating landing pages easy and even fun! We jumped in full steam ahead. The advent of this software really made things much easier. You could quickly and easily create a landing page. Now it was no big deal to try different designs for the page and changing content was also a breeze.

All was good. We had found what we were looking for. Better conversions! Lower ad costs again. Happy days!

Of course, that did not last too long and ad costs started to creep up again. When you run paid ads you are always looking for a better way. It is a never ending quest.

Enter a new revolution:

Low and behold another new software called Click Funnels hit the market. The beauty of Click Funnels is that it lets you easily build landing pages BUT you can go a step further and add one time offers with one click upsells.

Yes, you heard that right…one click upsells. A simple example would be you are running a lead capture page for people interested in Yoga. You entice them to enter their email for a free ebook or video about Yoga.

Then the magic begins…after they opt in for the free item you then take them to another page in the funnel that offers a product or service they can purchase. If they purchase that item then you can send them to another page with a “one time offer’ where the customer can simply click “Yes” and the one time offer will be added to their purchase without them having to enter payment information again.

You can stack as many ‘one time offers’ as you want. Amazing! And the best part is Click Funnels makes it so easy to do.

So to recap the secret sauce here is that you can get better conversion rates using Click Funnels AND get more revenue from your traffic. So make more money from the same ad spend. Definitely something you must do to make in today’s competitive advertising market.

We could go on and on but I think you get the idea. If you don’t shoot me an email at doug@websearchnow.com and I would be happy to answer any questions you have about using Click Funnels in your business.

And by the way you can try Click Funnels out for yourself with their free 14 day trial.

Get the Free Trial of Click Funnels Here

By the way we are not saying Leadpages is not good. In fact it is still excellent. We just think you can make more money using Click Funnels and save more time.

Also, if you are a WordPress lover there is a shopping cart called Samcart that is great. It does many of the same things Click Funnels does including one click upsells. So that is a great option as well.

SamCart has a 14 Day Free Trial also. Click here to try it out.

Again, if you have any questions about any of this please just let us know as we are happy to help.

Take care and wishing you the best of luck!

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